About the numbers of victims in JSCCC

After WW2 finished, the Communist policy of “Brotherhood and Unity” did not allow investigations nor any open talks or debates about the atrocities committed by the Croatian Ustasha during the war on Serbian Orthodox, Jewish and Roma people.

However, pressure from the survivors and their descendants made the Government form a forensic team of experts in 1964 to excavate the mass graves and report the approximate number of those killed in the biggest concentration camp in the Balkans.

After several months of research in Jasenovac system of Croatian Concentration Camps, forensic experts were forced to flee the country, after several assassination attempts. The government hid the report from the public eye.

Their report was discovered by Predrag Dragic-Kijuk and published in 1992. By forensic methods the team estimated that approximately 730,000 Orthodox Serbian lost their lives, but due to possible error, that number was rounded down to 700,000.

The biggest Serbian “Underground City” in the area of Donja Gradina where 127 mass graves are located, still remains completely unexamined.

Just like with the Holocaust, we will never know the precise number of those brutally murdered in the Independent State of Croatia.

In present day Croatia the authorities claim that the victims of Croatian atrocities are only those whose names are known and the names of the criminals who exterminated were known. But it is impossible to declare the names of those unborn children extracted from the wombs of pregnant women .

It is impossible to know the names of victims cooked in furnaces for soap production. Those facilities can still be seen at Donja Gradina today.

It is impossible to say what were the names of victims thrown into Piccili’s Crematorium in the Camp III of Jasenovac system (The Brickyard).

We shall certainly never know the names of the victims thrown into the Sava river. A large number of their corpses blocked the flow of the river at Belgrade and German army had to use mines to unblock the flow. The corpses from Jasenovac floated down the Sava and Danube River for many years down to the Black Sea.

In opinion of Dr Vladimir Umeljic, one of the leading authorities on Serbocide topic : “It would be irresponsible, wrong and damaging to disregard or ignore these high-level, primary historical sources (which are complemented and confirmed by other sources of comparable historical value from that time and from the same area – fascist Italian, Croatian and, of course, Serbian)…
This means that it is irresponsible to talk about the total of 100,000 or millions of victims.”